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Provide overall solutions for hospital disinfection supply center, and overall design, manufacturing, installation, sales and service of endoscope cleaning center

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Product category

product category


+ Hospital supply room equipment龙岩浩顺台贸易有限公司

+ Sterilization equipment for edible fungus马尔康干瑞同科技有限公司

+ Pharmaceutical sterilizer equipment长春如寿正设备有限公司

+ Air purification and disinfection equipment合肥生干万科技有限公司

+ Supply room consumables瑞安辉飞厚有限公司

+ Logistics storage system廊坊多飞金贸易有限公司


Founded in 2008, located in the Dapu Industrial Park,Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone, we the innovation company and national high-tech enterprice of medical devices, who is focusing on the leading sterilization & washing researching, designing and manufacturing globally Mainly focus on the manufacturing of hospital CSSD including Vacuum Boiling Washer Disinfector, Rapid Washer Disinfector, Class-B Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer, Hydrogen Peroxide Low-temp Plasma Sterilizer, Medical Vacuum Dryer, RO water system, CSSD tracking system, Medical Drying Cabinet,Rapid Reader, Endoscope Washing Centre, Air Disinfection, Medical Ultrasonic Cleaner, Pure Steam Generator,Medical Sealer, Hazardous Gas Monitoring System, Infection control consumables, Storage and logisticof CSSD ...